Mobile Scratch Repairs in Brisbane

Car scratches are a pain. You want to keep that new car look going for as long as you can.
Eventually, through means outside of your control, your car gets that cosmetic damage. Unfortunately, this can significantly affect the re-sell or trade-in value of your vehicle

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Common causes of Car Scratches

Scratch Repair Service

Debris such as flying rocks

Tree Branches


Animals such at cats and birds

Car park incidents (car doors, shopping trolleys, prams, handbags).

Mobile Scratch Repairs
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Mobile Scratch & Dent Repairs

Pro Mobile Touch Ups offers an affordable and convenient mobile solution

Pro Mobile Touch Ups offers an affordable and convenient mobile solution to your car scratches. 

If you don’t want to spend your day with your car queued up in a workshop to fix a simple scratch we can come to you.

Yes! We do not have overheads such as property rent and maintenance, as such our savings are passed onto our customers.


All our vehicles are fully equipped, meaning you will still get the quality of a workshop at the convenience of your home.
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What is involved?

Pro Mobile Touch Ups

Our mobile car scratch repair service includes sanding of the scratch and the panel

We prime and paint with extremely accurate colour matching. We service all makes and models and offer a 100% guarantee with a 5-year warranty on our service.

This means we can also address other cosmetic issues on your vehicle including

  • Peeling paint
  • Rust
  • Fading colour.

Car Scratch Repair
For Brisbane Customers

The Benefits of Car Paint Repair in Brisbane


One of the great things about Pro Mobile Touch Ups is that we can provide a car paint repair in Brisbane virtually as soon as you notice a scratch on your vehicle. There are many benefits to prompt scratch repair, including:

  • Maintaining the value of your vehicle
  • Not giving rust a chance to form on recent scratches
  • Preventing chipping or further paint damage to the scratch
  • Making sure your car looks terrific
With us, the scratch repair is so easy that there’s no reason not to do it. In turn, being prompt will likely save you from costlier repairs later, if you decide to wait.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Scratch Repairs in Brisbane


Repairing a car scratch is simple, right? After all, the scratch is just a tiny blemish on the vehicle. How hard could it be to fix? In truth, DIY car scratch repair is more difficult and more complicated than most people realise. Common errors might include:
  • Using the wrong sandpaper and other materials to sand down the scratches
  • Using the wrong paint or the incorrect colour
  • Painting on a hot, sunny or humid day
  • Not cleaning the scratch before a repaint
  • Not applying a primer coat
  • Using old paint (increases risks of cracking and chipping)
  • And many more!
DIY scratch repairs can save money if you know what you are doing. In most cases, though, these repairs look sloppy and end up costing more than a professional repair would have cost in the first place. Save yourself the headache by calling us for car scratch repair in Brisbane.

Getting a quote for car scratch repairs in Brisbane is easy!


Use our convenient booking tool. Just submit a photo from your phone of the damage and we can prepare a quote for you.
You can also call us for a free estimate on your mobile scratch repair in Brisbane on 0401 526 155.
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What You Can Expect from Pro Mobile Touch Ups Regarding Car Paint Repair in Brisbane


When it comes to car paint and scratch repairs in Brisbane, we are experienced and professional. Here are some of the things you can expect when you work with us:
Mobile Car Scratch Repairs In Brisbane

Quick, responsive service


Our mobile setup, competitive pricing and easy online quotes make us a more convenient option than most competitors.
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Like-new aesthetics


Our job is to make your car look brand new again. We are trade spray painters, use nothing but the best materials in our work and follow all best practices to ensure the highest quality results.
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Free Quotes


We are always honest and transparent with our customers about how much our services are likely to cost.
Whether you are driving a Toyota Corolla or a Maserati, you can count on us to get it looking fresh once more.

About Our Warranty at Pro Mobile Touch Ups


When you call us for a mobile car scratch repair in Brisbane, you can take comfort knowing that a five-year warranty backs the restoration. The warranty applies to our workmanship and protects you from issues such as:
  • Cracking or chipping paint at the repair site
  • Inaccurate colour match between the original vehicle and the touch-up paint
  • Premature paint fading

If you notice any of these issues, just call us to make a warranty claim.

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