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What’s the difference between
us and a panel beater?

Mobile Car Scratch Repairs In Brisbane



Why lose your car for days for simple jobs to be fixed up when they can be fixed up within a few hours at your convenience.                                                                                                   
With today’s hustle and bustle cars, a being left with scratches and dents because people can’t take the time off to take it to a shop and be without it for a few days. Here you can keep your car maintaining its maximum value and you don’t have to sacrifice the time out your day.

Will there be over-spray all over my garage?

Absolutely not!


Upon arrival, I will inspect the facilities and inform you as to what might need to moved (if anything, just to be safe) or if anything needs to be covered to ensure that everything will be fine. 
I use an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) top of the range touch up gun and materials designed specifically for the job so any airborne spray becomes dust in seconds
Mobile Panel Beating

How do you match the colour?

Professional Mobile Panel Beater In Brisbane

Great Question! The same way I match your colour in a Panel shop!


I use a complete DuPont Tinting system with all the latest updated formulas. All I need is your colour code which I will find on your car on the day and put that code into my laptop in the back of the Van and mix your paint onsite!                                      
 It’s great because if the colour needs adjusting I have the colours on hand to adjust the colour if need be.

Will I be able to tell where the repair area is?

We do an amazing job, making it very difficult to spot any of the repairs we have carried out.  


Once the car is masked up and the panel is repaired, prepped and ready to go, paint is applied and blended out (This is what makes it so hard to spot the repair) and the whole panel is clear coated to seal in the repair properly.                
That way no edges will fade back and peal patterns wont be different. I strive to make it look like it was never damaged and I was never there. (What scratch?! what dent?!)
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Do you have any warranty/guarantee on your work?

Professional Mobile Panel Beater

Yes! A 5-year warranty on all jobs.


I stand by it too! T&Cs

What areas do you cover?

ALL of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs


Pro Mobile Touch Ups services ALL of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including as far south as Helensvale, as far west as Ipswich, as far north as Bribie Island and out Redland bay area. 
Mobile Car Scratch Repairs Brisbane


Scratch Repairs

 Pro Mobile Touch Ups Warranty & Service


  • Small container of coded paint can be provided for personal brush touch use.
  • 5 years warranty based on workmanship.
  • To complete the work, an undercover area away from other cars and a power point is required.
  • If you have any questions, give us a call and we’re always happy to help however we can


Our technician will inform you about your new paint job and how to obtain and keep the best results possible, if advice is not followed and obvious negligence is the case – warranty is voided.

Our technician/s are highly trained but cannot be held accountable for paint work that has been done previously or is being done in the natural elements as this effects the outcome of the job. For example, when painting outside, very small dust particles are sometimes unavoidable.  The technician will advise on the best way to achieve the best possible results.

Its now common knowledge that Bumpers and plastics are always different colours from factory so a slight variation is normal and nothing to worry about. We do our best to achieve perfect results but its literally impossible to get it perfect edge to edge. If at any point with any panel though if we are spraying edge to edge you may notice a slight variation in colour if we don’t do a blend. Colours are very complicated and 0.01g to much or not enough of a tinter with throw that colour off slightly. But fear not this is normal and there are options. We can blend the adjacent panel to avoid a colour variation but an additional cost will incur. In some occasions 2 options may be provided in order to avoid any variations.  Everything is on a case by case basis. Please note we can’t match faded paint and we can’t match old bleached paintwork that is sun damaged. We do however use the latest updated system from Axalta (previously DuPont) and use the colour code off your vehicle to find your colour and mix onsite using a full tinting system to achieve the best possible results we can. 

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Why should you use a mobile panel beater in Brisbane?

Pro Mobile Touch Ups, mobile panel repair Brisbane can repair a whole range of dings, scratches, dents and “oh no’s” right in your own driveway. Using mobile panel beaters in Brisbane is a cost effective and convenient solution. We’ve all heard stories of people having a minor ding only to wait for weeks until it’s repaired.  Not with Pro Mobile Touch Ups, your local, mobile panel beater Brisbane. Our mobile dent repair technician will come to you; to your home, your office, your mother-in-law’s.  Almost anywhere.  Obviously, not all jobs are suitable for on-site mobile smash repairs.  However, you will be surprised just how many repairs can be treated in your driveway.  Contact the best smash repairs in Brisbane, Pro Mobile Touch Ups.  

If you need just minor repairs like shopping trolley dings but don’t think it is worth the hassle of getting car smash repairs you might want to think again. If you use a mobile dent repairer in Brisbane, they can easily fix minor dings and dents while you get on with your life.

What are the benefits of using a mobile panel beater in Brisbane?

In a word, convenience.  Pro Mobile Touch Ups is a mobile panel beater Brisbane who comes to you whether you’re at work or at home. Our technicians come to you  saving you the inconvenience of having to get taxis, hire cars or friends to run you around while your car is in the panel beater.  Whether it is a scratch repair or bumper repair, the benefits of mobile smash repairs are many.  Number one benefit of mobile dent repair is accessibility, we come to you.  You give us space on your driveway and we’ll give you a car that’s as good as new.  

Repairing your vehicle at home or work is cost effective.  We are a fully mobile business.  We don’t have a workshop and therefore have reduced overheads.  We pass the savings onto you.  The cost of repairs to minor bumps, cracks and scratches will likely be less than you think.  Contact Pro Mobile Touch Ups and see how easy it is to bring your paintwork back to beautiful.

What Can A Mobile Panel Beater In Brisbane Fix?

Probably the most common type of repair is minor crash damage to the bumper.  The bumper is designed to protect your car from greater damage by absorbing the impact of the crash.  Bumpers are situated in high impact zones where the majority of crashes occur.  If you need a bumper repair in Brisbane, speak to Pro Mobile Touch Ups. They can expertly restore plastic bumper panel damage with plastic welding.   A bumper that is split or has a hole can usually be repaired with this method.  

It’s not just collision damage we deal with.  This mobile panel beater Brisbane can give the paint work on your car new life by machine buffing, also known as a cut and polish.  Paint work often gets dull over time.  Minor scratches occur where someone has opened a door on your car or a trolley has scraped past.  These imperfections can often be repaired with a cut and polish.  The cutting compound restores tired paint surfaces and removes imperfections, road tar, scratches and old wax.  The paint work is then finished off with a new wax polish which brings the paint to a bright shiny appearance. 

Where can a mobile panel beater complete my repairs?

Mobile smash repairs and mobile panel repairs can be completed in your driveway, at your office, in the carpark at work, even at your best friend’s house.  It is up to you to decide where the most convenient place for your car to be repaired is.  Apart from the convenience, it is interesting to see exactly how the mobile panel beater repairs and restores your pride and joy. Repairs can take place almost anywhere.  However, there are some restrictions. Due to ventilation and lighting needs, repairs can only take place in underground car parks if certain criteria are met. For example, we will need room to undertake the repairs, at least 6 metres away from other cars and we need to have a powerpoint nearby. Your technician will always need access to electricity and water to enable them to complete your repairs.   It is easy to get Mobile smash repairs Brisbane, Pro Mobile Touch Ups, comes to you.  You can have your car repaired right there in the car park while you work. Your mobile panel beater may require permission from some employers to use their car park for repairs, but this is not usually a problem.  At the end of the work day you can climb into your repaired and restored vehicle and drive home. 

Can You Repair the Dent at my Home?

At Pro Mobile Touch Ups, we not only offer unparalleled mobile dent repair services, we also come to you! Our convenient mobile dent repair at your home means less stress and less time out of your day. When you hire a professional dent repair company, you can have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time. Quality of service is important to us, and we believe part of that is in providing you with a convenient option. Being mobile does not mean providing a lower quality service. Our team will ensure the damage to your vehicle is repaired with attention to detail as well as premium paint rectification. We will always go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is looking new and freshly painted. We provide a full range of dent and scratch repair services including on-site colour matching, panel beating, machine buffing, plastic welding and bumper repairs. Schedule an appointment with our team today. We also have pre-sale and fleet packages available.

How Long Do Mobile Dent Repairs Take to Complete?

No one wants to spend the entire day waiting on dent repairs, whether that’s mobile or in a workshop, that’s time out of your day and time without access to your vehicle. 

Have a chat with our team when you book in your service and we’ll be able to give you an estimation. There are several key factors that we consider when estimating the time to complete a job. How severe is the damage, is it just a dent that needs buffing out or is their paintwork involved? Do we need to match the paint on-site or do you already know what you need? 

Our team is very experienced so give us a call today and we’ll provide you with an obligation free estimate of costs and times.

Can I Attempt Auto Dent Repair Myself?

Most people at some point have had a dent happen to their car. This could be caused by a rogue trolley, hail, or even a collision. No matter how the damage itself is caused we always recommend having your mobile dent repair handled by a specialist. While there are many DIY dent repair options available, they also come with the risk of causing more damage. You may even be able to successfully remove the dent, but what about paint loss? DIY dent repair can lead to an even more costly problem. Mobile dent repair services are extremely cost effective and the only way you can guarantee that your vehicle will be restored to tip top shape. Reach out to us today to discuss your situation and we’ll arrange your mobile dent repair ASAP.

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